Q: How do I contact Lindsay and Richard?  


Q. Are there gift registries? 




Q: May I bring a guest with me to the wedding?


A: Please reach out to us if you have any questions on the contact form.


A: For four years, we’ve lived in a tiny Manhattan apartment and have just about everything we need! As we explore real estate in the Hudson Valley, we would appreciate a contribution to our new home in lieu of a present. (New Home)


A: Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate any extra attendees. Please do not bring a +1 unless a guest is specified on your invitation. 


Q: What is the dress code? What does "black-tie optional" mean?

A: Gentlemen, we would love to see you in a tux, but please feel free to wear your finest dark suit. Ladies, look formal and fabulous — floor length dresses are totally optional. 


Q: Should I come up for the entire weekend? 

A: We would love to see everyone for our entire wedding weekend, but please do not feel obligated to attend Friday night through Monday morning. If you do plan on joining us in, please see our wedding weekend events schedule. 


Q: I have questions, but I don't want to bother the bride or groom. Who should I talk to?


Q. Is there a hashtag?


Q. Where is the honeymoon?

A: You may contact Jan Kaplan, Lindsay's mother, (janlee227@aol.com) about the bridal shower, family inquiries, or any local questions. 


A. Uh, of course. #lindsayandblakeley


A. Bocas del Toro, Panama.